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Covid-19 Guidelines--2020

Guidance and Procedures for Casual Roll-up During Lockdown

1. We have been given the go ahead by Bowls England for play to resume on Monday 1st June. Please find below the procedures and guidance which all members must adhere to at all times to enable the safety of themselves and others.

2. No player will be allowed to play unless they have first confirmed that they are willing to abide by the guidance and procedures by contacting the club secretary, (Jackie Franks), in writing or email. Once the club secretary is in receipt of your written confirmation an updated playing schedule will be forwarded to you to enable you to choose your time slot before contacting Jim Diaper to book.

3. We will only play on 3 rinks at any one time, as per the schedule shown below. The play period will be 2 hours, with 45 minutes gap before next session, thus giving 4 sessions daily.

10 -12 am     12.45-2.45 pm   3.30-5.30 pm  6.15-8.15 pm 

There will be no sessions on Wednesday or Friday morning to allow for green maintenance.

4. As this is casual play only the 2 players need to be on the rink. No markers or spectators are allowed during play. Players to wear bowling Greys and Whites for all games.

5. By agreement 1 player will use the edge of the playing rink the other will use the edge of the adjacent free rink to travel from one end to the other, maintaining social distancing at all times.

6. By mutual agreement, only one player will handle or place the mats and 2 jacks, at any time and will ensure that they are cleaned with sanitiser and wipes before and after play. The use of scoreboards, pushers and 2 metre sticks are not allowed.

7. One of the players will be requested to supervise the head decisions by mutual agreement with the other standing 2 metres clear, who will only move to the head if there is doubt about the ruling and only when the other player has retreated 2 metres.

8. Each player should only touch his own bowls. If there is a need to contact the other players’ bowls this should be with feet and not hands.

9. It is the responsibility of each player to ensure they retain the social distancing between themselves and players on another rink. The club cannot accept any responsibility for any failure to observe this. It is also the responsibility of each individual player to use sanitisation spray to clean their bowls before and after playing the game and other equipment used during play in order to keep them safe. Club will provide sanitisation spray and towels at the end of each rink.

10. The club house including the toilet facilities will remain closed until further notice, as per government guidelines.

11. Once you have confirmed to agree to procedures and guidelines through Jackie Franks, you can book a rink and time slot by calling Jim Diaper on 01455209850. If he is not at home you can leave a message with name and number on his answer machine and he will contact you ASAP. Note all bookings will only be through Jim Diaper.

12. The rink and time will be mutually agreed, but will be subjected to a first come first served routine. The final decision lies with Jim. If the weather is considered to render the rink unplayable, he will display a notice on the green and endeavour to notify players who have a booking, but it is the responsibility of the players to take notice of any notices displayed, around the green and equipment shed. Jim will nominate one player from each session to be responsible for ensuring the shed and gates are securely locked at the end of the session.

13. Players should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before start time and leave no later than 15 minutes after completion to ensure no contact with players playing before and after them. They should park at least one space away from any other vehicle where possible.
This should be possible as there should never be more than 8 cars parked. Players must ensure they remove any waste (hand wipes/towels, drinks bottles or food cartons etc.) after each game. You could bring a plastic bag with you to take away your waste.