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Bowling Section Officers

Title -------- ---------


Jim Diaper *

Marilyn Wheatley *


Steve Lockton

Dee Worger


Phil Bolam

Margaret Stockton

Saturday Captains

Jim Diaper

Marilyn Wheatley

Monday Captain

Brian Knight

Tuesday Captains

John Peck

Marilyn Wheatley

Wednesday Captain

Steve Lockton

Ladies Triples

Competition Secretary

Barbara Stevens

Fixture Secretaries

Phil Carlton

Shirley Pyshorn

County Delegates

Phil Enston

Pauline Milner

League Delegate (Mon)

Brian Knight

Triples League Delegate (Tues)

John Peck

Leicester League Delegate (Wed)

Steve Lockton

Green Ranger

Jim Diaper *

Assistant Green Ranger

Eddie Marvin

*  Management Committee